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Wan Luqman Hakim Wan Kairuddin

Digital Marketing Professional

Luqman Hakim, is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, who help entrepreneurs to promote their brand, products and services to digital world to meet their customers’ needs. He who have deep interest in technologies, willing to separate his knowledge to encourage more businesses to use latest technology to interact with their prospect effectively. Moreover, to manage customer easier and faster. In 2014, he manages to open his own company, Youmeden, to focus on supporting young entrepreneur to develop their skill in digital marketing using most popular technologies at the time.

A. Education

  • Bachelor in Electronic and Control Systems Engineering
    Shimane University, Japan

  • Diploma in Electronic and Control Engineering
    Kumamoto National College of Technology, Japan

  • Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship
    Learning Resources Network, United Kingdom

B. Certification

  • eUsahawan Master Trainer
    by MDEC

  • Google My Business Certification

    by Google Academy
  • Google Analytic Certification
    by Google Academy

  • Visual Design Adobe Photoshop
    by Adobe Certified Association

  • Business Branding
    by MDEC

  • Train The Trainer
    by T. Harv Eker

  • IMET Mentoring Programme
    by Minister of Finance

  • Google Ads Professional
    by Google Academy

  • Website Traffic Optimization
    by MDEC

  • Media Buying Professional
    by Facebook Blueprint

  • Website Traffic Optimization
    by MDEC
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